"Original, worldly groove music."

…this fellow by the name of Patrick McNeese is playing a show, and you might like to attend, right? As such, my duty, in theory, is to write a bit about Mr. McNeese’s music: what’s interesting about it, what’s compelling, and maybe compare it to similar musics, in the hope of striking a chord with you, the reader.

But when I listen to his songs, I sort of realize in the abstract that they’re pretty great, but then I look within myself for the vocabulary to describe what I’m hearing, and there’s just nothing.

What’s happening is that McNeese’s music is asking me to access the part of the brain that controls emotions such as affection, empathy, and hope, whereas I’m only able to feel lust, hostility, and despair. That said, I also think, based on a lifetime of observations of human behavior, that if you go to this show you will probably wind up making love with someone later that night. Which is more or less the opposite of the effect of a Slayer show.

So maybe that’s it, then: Patrick McNeese is the opposite of Slayer. Does that help?

by Buck Edwards

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